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Monaco Grand Prix: guests on your balcony? Here’s what you need to know

Monaco will be hosting the 81st Monaco Grand Prix from 23 to 26 May 2024. © Automobile Club de Monaco

A few weeks ago, a ministerial decree published in the Journal de Monaco introduced new safety measures concerning the use of terraces and balconies during the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Monegasque flats are rented out at a premium during Grand Prix weekends. And terraces in particular. Some are willing to pay tens of thousands of euros to watch the race from the apartment buildings. Port Hercule is perhaps the most popular, as it has a view of the Sunday afternoon’s GP starting grid. However, authorisations are required. Owners or tenants of balconies and terraces overlooking the circuit may welcome guests for the event, with permission. The procedures are clearly explained on the Monegasque government website.


If you want to watch the Formula 1 cars racing from the comfort of your own home, you first have to make sure that your balcony or terrace and its railings are in good repair, and that everything has been checked by “an authorised entity in the Principality.” Certificates of ownership or tenancy agreements will then be required to apply for and obtain passes from the Police Department. To get the ‘golden ticket’, you need to begin the process at least 30 days before the Grand Prix. Be aware that balconies may accommodate up to two people per linear metre of railing.

New regulations for balconies

The rules for balconies, terraces and loggias are set out in Ministerial Decree no. 2005-238 dated 9 May 2005. At the beginning of March, the Journal de Monaco published new articles concerning special measures “designed to guarantee an appropriate level of safety for the public in premises that are not, by design, open to the public.”

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The owner or occupier is responsible for a number of measures. First of all, they must check that the flat or office has a fire detection system [or at least a functioning smoke detector Ed.], and that the flat or office has a carbon monoxide detector if the premises have a gas-fired boiler. Also it is requested that additional cooking applicants do not exceed 20 kW, and that extra gas cooking appliances and naked flames are banned.

Another new measure, a safety officer must be appointed for each flat or office concerned. That person must be “aware of the number of people present in the premises during the competitions, so as to be able to communicate this information without delay to the authorities at their request,”  and be able to raise the alarm with a potential security service in the building. The designated person must also comply with the provisions of Ministerial Order no. 2018-1079 dated 21 November 2018, as amended, relating to fire resistance of fittings used during the Grand Prix races.

All of the measures are to make sure you enjoy the 81st Monaco Grand Prix from 23 to 26 May 2024 – safely!

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