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PSSA appeals for help

PSSA needs your help
The animal protection charity, PSSA, needs your help © Facebook / PSSA

Protéger, Sauver, Soutenir les Animaux” [Protect, Save, Support Animals] has carried out its first review of the year, and its finances are in a bad way

“Dear all, we really need your help today. We’re €4,700 short in the 1st quarter, and that’s just counting veterinary bills. To be able to continue with our rescues, we need your help, otherwise we will have to refuse all future rescues from today onwards. »


This is what the charity “Protéger, Sauver, Soutenir les Animaux” (PSSA) on 11 April in announced in a Facebook post. Since 2015, PSSA has been helping animals in need and is committed to providing them with all types of care. Certain animals require expensive care with medical treatment by a vet whenever possible.

“The bills are mounting up and we no longer have the funds… Unfortunately, donations are scarce and this is our main operating resource. They can only be rescued with your help – you are the driving force behind the charity,” they wrote.

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This appeal for help is crucial to the survival of the charity and animals in danger. To help them, you can make a one-off donation via this link:

If you would like to make a regular donation, you can do so via their PayPal account by setting up a recurring payment. Here is the link:

You can also send a cheque to PSSA for the amount you wish to donate by post to the following address BP 407 – 98011 Monaco Cedex.

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