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Growing population and excellent life expectancy: Monegasque demographics in focus

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The IMSEE 2023 Demography Observatory has just been published, revealing interesting figures on the Principality’s population. As of 31 December 2023, Monaco had 38,367 inhabitants.

While 611 Monegasques roamed the world, especially France, the majority (9179) lived in the Principality.


The year 2023 saw the arrival of 104 new Monegasque citizens, bringing the total number to 9,790. This slight increase reflects a trend towards demographic growth, mainly due to a positive balance of births over deaths (71).

Excellent life expectancy

The average life expectancy for Monegasque males is 87 years, and 90 for women. This excellent figure is probably explained by the quality of life and access to care in the Principality.

All figures are on the rise, except the number of marriages. Only 69 marriages were registered this year compared to 100 in 2022. This may be a consequence of the reform concerning the acquisition of Monegasque nationality by marriage, which extended the qualifying period from 10 to 20 years.

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Monegasque men and women alike tend to marry around the age of 32.