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Smoking banned on Monaco beaches until end of September

Larvotto beach sees its fair share of tourists every year - © Communication Department 

The ban, announced on 31 May 2024 as part of World No-Tobacco Day, concerns four of the Principality’s beaches in the Principality until 30 September 2024.


The authorities have been concerned about smoking for several years, and more and more non-smoking areas are being created. The beaches subject to this change, from today, include Larvotto, Pêcheurs, Solarium and the Méridien Beach Plaza hotel.

Cigarette smoking is a growing cause for concern, endangering everyone’s health and, above all, biodiversity, as the summary of the decision states: “Smoking is a danger for the environment and nature on the one hand, because of cigarette butts thrown on the ground by smokers and, on the other hand, for people who are exposed to cigarette smoke, which is a health risk.”

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There is only one exception to the ban. This will be “in areas of the beach covered by a concession or private occupation authorisation or agreement, specifically the parts of such areas that are designated for a catering or bar operation”.