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Covid-19: new compulsory measures in Monaco

Mairie de Monaco

On Sunday 8 February, Monaco recorded eight new postive cases of Covid-19. In addition, 70 people were being treated in the Prince Grace Hospital for the virus.


Covid-19 is tightening its grip on Monaco. As the days go by more people are testing positive for the virus. On Thursday 4 February, 24 new cases were recorded with a further 29 being confirmed the following day. If figures are bad in the Principality, the situation is not much better in the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes region either.

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As a result of case numbers rising, the Prince’s government met with Monaco’s Minister of State on 5 February. During a press conference, new measures were announced to try and curb the spread of the virus. Since 1 January the Principality has lost 16 Monégasque residents, compared with three deaths from Covid-19 in 2020.

The situation is serious. If these measures do not succeed in reducing the figures, then next time, the prospect of a lockdown is not to be ruled out.

Pierre Dartout, Minister of State

Everyone must work from home

As of Monday 8 February, all Monégasque citizens, residents and commuters are being asked to begin working from home as soon as possible. 45,000 french, 8.000 italian and thousands of other people are to be affected by this new measure, which is to be reviewed every two weeks by the Princely government.

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Other restrictions are still in place too. No more than six people may meet together outdoors and people no longer need a prescription from their GP to get a PCR test. As for shop owners, they must monitor the flow of customers, respecting the guideline of 4m2 per person.