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Monaco and violence against women in 2020

Government of Monaco

Monaco’s statistics body IMSEE has just published a new study. The topic? Violence against women in the Principality last year.

Despite this being only the second report centering on violence against women in Monaco, there is enough data to get a measure of the problem. 2020 may have been  a year like no other, but the figures have remained fairly similar to those published in 2019. However, the health crisis has had a noteable effect on violence.



the number of cases reported to the police, compared to 33 in 2019

Owing to the lockdown, most of the violence was domestic and most sufferers were residents in Monaco. In fact, for every 1 in 2 cases reported, the abuser’s partner was the victim. Over the course of the year, 50 cases of violence against women were opened, compared to the 33 of last year. Figures like this prove more women are finding the courage to speak out and take legal action against their abusers.

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Increasing awareness about abuse

Céline Cottalorda, head of the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights, reminds how “this study only takes into account the instances of violence that were actually reported.” The total figure is a result of data collected from numerous sources: the Police Department, Victims of Offences Help Association (AVIP), Prince Grace Hospital, Department of Justice and as of this year, the Department of Social Welfare and Social Services.

In one month we received eight new calls. Five of these were from people who could not bear living together any longer.

France may have more cases of violence against women, but Monaco certainly still suffers. In response to this, action is being taken to create meaningful change and improve the situation. This report is just one of those measures being implemented. Having real, tangible figures and information gauging the severity of this phenomenon will allow the Principality to provide the most appropriate and relevant support possible to victims. The report will also enable the effectiveness of awareness campaigns, led by the committee, to be measured.

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Because they don’t know who to turn to, because they are ashamed, terrified or because they are being manipulated. These are just some of the many reasons why women stay silent. However, the Victims of Offences Help Association (AVIP) in Monaco is there to listen to and support victims.

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42 victims helped by AVIP

Over the last two years the number of women contacting the organisation to report abuse has remained the same: 42. However, the nature of the abuse is different. Out of all cases reported, 36% of the abuse was physical, 31% was psychological and 14% of cases were instances of sexual assault. As well as helping victims of violence, the organisation supports victims of harassment too. In 2020, 19% of victims reported cases of sexual or moral harassment.

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Although domestic violence has increased in most European countries throughout lockdown, the same can not be said for Monaco. According to AVIP, they have received more calls from people suffering psychological rather than physical abuse. Valérie Campora, Head of the association, explained how “in one month we received eight new calls. Five of these were from people who could not bear living together any longer.”

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