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In brief

Laurent Anselmi outlines the new Prince’s Cabinet’s remit

Laurent Anselmi / Communication Department / Michael Alesi

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has been in office since Monday, 17 January.

After the first meeting of Prince Albert II’s new Cabinet at the Prince’s Palace on the morning of January 17, Laurent Anselmi spoke to Monaco Info. The new Head of Cabinet outlined the brand new mission that has been entrusted to him.


Move forward from the inside on new public issues

Attractiveness, digital transition, energy transition, monitoring public spending and development of new budget resources: these are the five main areas that the Prince’s Cabinet is preparing to work on.

“We are both determined to carry out our mission to serve the Prince and also eager to learn, since there is an element of the unknown and the unexpected,” Laurent Anselmi confided. “These are the broad strokes of the new public policies, but our vocation is first and foremost to be a think tank, and also an executor in the chain of command that starts with the Prince and goes all the way down to the field.”

A completely redesigned and more feminine think tank, composed of three women and two men chosen by the Prince. While each member will have a specific mission, the goal is also “to challenge ourselves to grasp issues that are not necessarily our specialist field, to leave our comfort zone.”

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Prince Albert II’s new cabinet © Communication Department / Michael Alesi

A different image for the Principality

Another key mission for the Cabinet is to contribute to a more accurate and less stereotypical image of Monaco, both in France and internationally. “It’s an ongoing challenge. Understanding and getting the message out there requires constant adjustment, given new technologies, new information media, social networks, etc.”, Laurent Anselmi explained.

However, the new Chief of Staff has every confidence that his team will achieve their stated objectives: “We all have a shared desire to succeed. We are all public servants, we all have an ethic of public service, of the common interest, serving an impartial State, a virtuous State, the rule of law.”

To this end, the Prince’s Cabinet will assist the Sovereign Prince in the exercise of his constitutional prerogatives, ensure the link made between the Prince and the field works smoothly, and bring in new ideas.