Aleksej Fedoricsev (AS Monaco Basket), French basketball’s new strong man?

Aleksej Fedoricsev
AS Monaco Basket

The president of AS Monaco Basket has certainly been busy since he came on to the basketball scene. After the Roca Team, Fedcom’s boss is now focusing on broadcasting the Euroleague in France and Monaco.


Aleksej Fedoricsev, who took over the presidency of the club in January 2022, is becoming increasingly prominent in the basketball world. Recently, the founder of the fertiliser and raw materials trading company, Fedcom, acquired the rights to broadcast Euroleague and Eurocup matches in France and Monaco.

A new streaming platform called “Skweek” has even been announced, with all 450 matches of the season in both European competitions. These moves speak volumes about dual-nationality (Monegasque and Hungarian) Aleksej Fedoricsev’s determination to be involved in all aspects of basketball.

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Aleksej Fedoricsev could be involved long-term in the club

“I am not just interested in the Euroleague rights in France, I am also looking to invest in French basketball,” he told L’Équipe. “In sport, either you are on the inside and committed or you stay on the outside and waste your money.” A sponsor of the Euroleague since 2021, the AS Monaco Basket president has already met all of his counterparts in the other European clubs.

As part of his project, he has enlisted the help of Oleg Petrov, a member of the Professional Football League board of directors, who hinted that the current president of AS Monaco Basket could even be involved in basketball for the long haul. “Mr Aleksej Fedoricsev has been a partner of AS Monaco football club for 25 years. Now it’s basketball. Maybe we will be here for twenty-five years too.”