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Prince Albert II in Peace and Sport #WhiteCard campaign

Prince Albert II and Peace and Sport, #WhiteCard
Prince Albert II and Peace and Sport Founder Joël Bouzou are joining forces again for the #WhiteCard campaign © Peace and Sport

The Sovereign is calling on the international community to promote peace through sport on April 6.

Involved in the #WhiteCard campaign organised by Peace and Sport since 2020, Prince Albert II again bradished the now traditional white card. The symbolic gesture means being part of the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.”


The Sovereign shared his commitment to the cause in an Instagram video: “As we navigate these challenging times, it is imperative to carry the message of peace, whether through a collective voice raised in unison or simple gesture of solidarity. Every action has the potential to make a difference.”

Begun by Peace and Sport in 2013, the campaign has seen many international celebrities promote the event, including Didier Drogba, former football player, and the last edition’s ambassador.

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The white card enables you to show your support for the movement, wherever you are. As opposed to the yellow and red cards used in sport, the white card is not used as a punishment, but rather to promote peace.

Like Prince Albert II, you too can wave a white card to celebrate peace through sport!

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