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Fontvieille shopping centre: “it’s good that it’s getting revamped”

Centre commercial Fontvieille Monaco (1)

It’s a 300 million euro project: the Fontvieille shopping centre is due to be completely transformed by 2027. Monaco’s shoppers have all heard about these changes.  What do they expect? 

“It’s a bit dated, it’s good that it’s getting revamped,” Sylvie says as we discuss the future Fontvieille shopping centre. “It’s good for Monaco.  There isn’t much here, and we often need to go to Nice or Cannes,” adds her friend Chantal.


“It’s true that the centre is short on shops everyone can afford, whether it’s clothes, shoes or even restaurants (…) There will be more greenery too, that will be lovely,” concludes Sylvie. The project will certainly provide a pleasant environment for the shopping centre’s customers, as a two-hectare garden is being created and almost 2,000 trees planted.

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Speaking outside Carrefour, Alain, who lives in Monaco and is a regular, feels the shopping centre is “efficient”.  “It’s very accessible and well-served by the buses, which is a good start,” he can testify as he does his grocery shopping here several times a week. “I wouldn’t say no to a few more decorations though,” Alain adds with a smile.

I’m concerned that making the shopping centre more attractive will make life even more difficult for Monaco’s small traders

In a ready-to-wear clothes store, Stéphane is looking forward to one thing in particular in the new shopping centre. “The new cinema is very good news, it’s something that Monaco is lacking. I often go to other towns to see films,” he explains. Good news for Stéphane: in addition to the two screens at the Cinéma des Beaux Arts, near Monte-Carlo Casino, four more will be provided by the future cinema complex that is due to be part of the new Fontvieille shopping centre.

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Eric is a shopkeeper in the Principality. “I’m concerned that making the shopping centre more attractive will make life even more difficult for Monaco’s small traders,” the family man worries. However, when he thinks about his children, a few new things would not go amiss. “It’s a 45-minute drive if I want to take my daughters bowling, or to play laser games or things like that (…) If the shopping centre ever gets one, then obviously I would come here.”

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Good news for all shoppers, the shopping centre promises to remain open throughout the construction phase, which will begin this year, and will include the creation of 300 new parking spaces.