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Prince Albert II “really proud” of Princess Charlene and their Children

© Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Sovereign spoke in an interview published on Tuesday 20 December.


Immensely proud after a particularly tough year. This is how Prince Albert II described his feelings about his wife, Princess Charlene, to People, the American magazine.

And with good reason: after months spent away from her family due to health problems, the Princess, now back in the Principality, has been particularly active. “Charlene is engaging more in public life and looking after things that she’s passionate about. My wife’s been visiting different Monaco establishments like The Red Cross and visiting people in their homes,” the Sovereign explained.

The Prince is also happy to see his wife finally reunited with her Children, who recently celebrated their eighth birthday: “She’s really enjoying doing things together and with the kids, so this year is ending on a very, a very high note.”

According to People, the Prince became quite emotional as he spoke about what was a particularly trying time for the Princely Family.

“Last year was a very tough year for her — and the beginning of this year. And she’s really turned it around in an incredible way”, said the Prince. In addition to her charity work and family life, Princess Charlene is also involved in the decoration and refurbishment of the Princely Family’s private quarters.

But the Sovereign also had a thought for all those who have supported the Princely Family through this painful ordeal. The Prince expressed thanks for the letters and get-well cards received from all over the world.

A busy schedule for the Princely Twins

The Sovereign also spoke about his children, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. The Twins “are doing really well,” he said. “They’re incredible. They still have to concentrate a little bit on their schoolwork but what parent isn’t going to say that? They just turned 8 and like all kids at that age, they can get a little distracted.”

Social networks are not part of the distractions, but lots of sports activities are: “They’re both very sports-oriented and at their age, they still prefer going out in the schoolyard playing with their friends than to buckle down and learn their lessons. They’re very active, still very curious about things.”

And between swimming, tennis, theatre and taekwendo, the Twins have no time to be bored! Of course, the “very busy” schedule includes the events that the Hereditary Prince and Princess must attend in their Princely capacity.

“It isn’t a daily or weekly routine but on an ad hoc basis,” said the Prince. “Whenever there’s an upcoming event, Charlene and I discuss it and when we both agree they should be with us, then there’s a little explanation of its significance with the children. (…) Usually on the day of that event in their rooms or on the day before we give them a little presentation of what to expect.”